Welcome to the NeboMusic website! My name is Mr. Michaud and I teach Music and Computer Science in Atlanta, Georgia. The goal of NeboMusic is to share the tools of music and computational understanding so we can think musically, express ourselves, and share in the expressions of others. Please feel free to use these Music, Computer Science, and Robotics resources to help your students learn the tools of Music and Computational Understanding.

Marist School Courses

Computational Media
Mobile Application Development
Computer Graphics and Animation
Computational Photography
Electronics I
Computational Perception and Artificial Intelligence
7th Grade Robotics
8th Grade Robotics
Robotics and Engineering I
Robotics and Engineering II
Robotics and Engineering III

Summer Workshop Schedule

Marist Summer Courses
Java Jumpstart 2022
Python Art and Music Programming
Computational Design

REACH at Marist School 2022
9th Grade: Programming in Java
8th Grade: Python and Java Programming
7th Grade: Python and Design
Robotics and Engineering

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