Sub Plans for December 10th: Music Tech:

4th and 5th Grade:  Dance Animation in Scratch

Scratch Nutcracker Project:

1.  Students should have started a project in Scratch Animating the "Nutcracker March". Tell students to continue working in Scratch.  There is a link on for the basic directions.  Students will work for 30 minutes on this.

2.  Last 15 minutes students may do "First In Math" or Scratch or "Hoodamath"

Process and Directions:  (Student Directions at:

Tech Lesson 08-5:  Creating a Dance Animation with Scratch

Project Requirements:

1.  Identify form of "March from Nutcracker" using letters.
2.  Create a dance animation with Scratch or Alice that has at least 2 objects and movement methods for the A and B sections.
3.  Import music sound file into scratch and use broadcast commands to coordinate movement scripts with music.
4.  Save your work under "Lastname Dance Teachername."

Project Extras:
1.  Use at least 4 sprites and movement methods for A,B,C, and D sections.
2.  Create changing backgrounds or stages.

Script Samples for Dancing Moves: 
(Try each of these on one Sprite.  Use the "Broadcast and Wait" commands to organize and initiate dance moves.)

Spin Left

Spin Right


Hop Left

Hop Right


Run Left

Run Right

Sample "Broadcast and Wait" Stack:

Other Dance Moves:  (From older lesson)



Students create and save dance animation with at least 2 sprites and movement methods aligned with music

Students create and save dance animation with more that 2 sprites and backgrounds that align with music.

Optional Activities:

15 minutes doing "First in Math"
1. Students start Firefox
2. Click on the "Suntex First in Math" Shortcut
3. Log in to First In Math and do activities.

3rd Grade:

Jingle Bells on Boomwhackers

1. Write following on Board:

E E E  | E E E | E G C D | E--- |

F F F F | F E E E | E D D E | D- G- |

E E E  | E E E | E G C D | E--- |

F F F F | F E E E | G G F D | C--- ||

2.  Have students sing letter names above to tune of "Jingle Bells"

3.  Pass out "Boomwhackers"  (C, D, E, F, G)

4.  Play "Jingle Bells" on Boomwhackers.

5.  Collect Boomwhackers.

6.  Direct students to draw using TuxPaint.  They may draw anything they like.

7.  Last 10 minutes - they may go to the internet and do a "Hoodamath" game or "Cool Math 4 Kids"

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade:

Snowman Song:

I have a little Snowman, He is fat and round.
I made him from a snowball, I rolled up from the ground.
I gave him eyes, a nose, a mouth, and nice warm scarf of red.
I put some buttons on his coat and a hat upon his head.

Watch him as he melts to the ground!

1.  Describe how to build a snowman - draw on the board if needed.
2.  Have students stand like snowmen and pretend to "melt" (sink slowly to floor)
3.  Play Snowman song (On Computer #11 in Subplan Music Directory) and pretend to build snowman and then melt to the floor.
4.  Pass out Boomwhackers and arrange kids from longest boomwhackers to smallest (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C)  (A C Major Scale)
5.  Have the students play one letter at a time for 4 counts:


6.  Play above Pattern with snowman song - notice how the pitch of the tubes gets higher going from longest to shortest.
7.  Collect and Store boomwhackers
8.  Have students draw snowmen on the computers using TuxPaint.
9.  Students may have the last 10 minutes of class to either use "Starfall" or "TuxPaint"

Option - Watch Nutcracker Video

Class Schedule:


Friday, November 12th
7:30 to 8:00

Car Rider Duty in Front
8:20 to 9:05
9:10 to 9:55
10:00 to 10:45
10:50 to 11:35
11:40 to 12:25
12:25 to 1:20
Lunch and Planning
1:20 to 2:05
2:05 to 3:00
Clean Up
Have Ms. Queen shut down computers.

Instructions for Operating the MusicTech Lab:

To Play Music:
1. Turn on the Big Black Amp - rocker switch is at the top.
2. Click on the "Sub Plans" Music Folder (Yellow Smiley Face) on Computer 10 or 11.  Click once to play the tracks.
    a. Volume Control for Computer 10 is channel on on the little mixer (on the desk between computer 10 and 11)
    b. Volume Control for Computer 11 is channels 2 and 3.
3. If computers fail, there is a CD in the "Sub In a Sack."  Borrow a CD player and use the CD. 

Troubleshooting Procedures for MusicTech Computers:
*These computers have a costume built Linux based OS designed by Mr. Michaud for MusicTech.  Ms. Wray will not be able to help you with these machines.*

1. Students may use the following programs:

Firefox       (K-5) (This program is like Internet Explorer)
Open Office     (3-5) (Word, Spreadsheet, and PowerPoint) 
TuxPaint  (K-5)   
Scratch  (4, 5)
KTouch  (3-5)

2.  In 4th and 5th Grade - some students have my laptop as an assigned computer.  It will not be in the room.  These students will need to share with another student.

3.  Students have assigned computers in 1st - 5th grade.  Do not let any student use computer #10.  If a student does not know their assigned computer.  Make them sit on the carpet and assign them to an empty computer after everyone else has found theirs.

DO NOT LET STUDENTS USE ALICE!!!  They will ask, tell them no.  Mr. Michaud must be present for them to use Alice.  (Again, Alice tends to freeze up the computers)

4. If the screen looks like it is off, wiggle the mouse.  The computer is in sleep mode.  DO NOT PRESS THE POWER BUTTONS.

5. To start a program - click once on the icon on the task-bar. 

6. To close a program - click the "white x" in the upper right hand corner of the window.  (This is like Windows XP.)

7. To get to the internet
-> Click "Firefox" one time.  (Kids should know how to do this.  Click once on the "Little White Mouse with the big blue ball."
-> The internet is slow in Mr. Michaud's room - just be patient and wait for the programs to load.

8. To get to Starfall: 
-> Click "Firefox" one time
-> Click the "Learn to Read" shortcut below the Address Bar in the browser. 
-> -Or- type "" in the Address Bar in the browser.

9.  To get to K-Touch:
-> Click the K-Touch icon one time.  (Located far right on the task-bar.)

10. To get to First In Math
-> Click "Firefox" one time
-> Click on the "Suntex First in Math" shortcut icon

11.  To get to Compass Learning
-> Click "Firefox" one time
-> Click "Compass Learning" one time
-> Login with Student Number
-> Click "Continue" when prompted with "Security Warning."

12. DO NOT USE OR TURN ON THE LCD PROJECTOR.  If have disabled it while I am gone.  It will not work until I return. 

If things go wrong . . . .

1. DO NOT TURN OFF ANY COMPUTERS.  If they are turned off, you cannot get them back on without Mr. Michaud's passwords.  If a computer gets turned off accidently, it must stay off.

2. Computer 10 runs the room.  Be especially careful with #10.  If it fails - none of the computers in the room will work.

3. If a computer freezes - right click on the task (IceWeasel, Open Office, etc . . ) on the taskbar and select "close."  This
should unfreeze the computer.  If you get a message asking you to "kill" the process - click "Yes."

4. 4th and 5th grade students should know how to save their work.  Tell them "NeboMusicWork -> Your Grade -> Your Teacher -> Your Name" and they should understand.  If not, just have them close and not save their work.

5. If a computer freezes and does not want to work (This does happen, especially to the older IBM type computers) - Turn the computer off by holding down the power button.  Turn the computer back on and have Ms. Queen from 303 log in with the password.  Have students share computers if needed.

6. If computer #10 freezes (It has never crashed on me before.) - Turn it off and turn it back on again.  It will go the the Login screen - leave it on the Login screen and do not try to log in.  It will still run the other computers in "Login" mode.

7. If a computer is running really slow - look at the task bar and see if their are other programs running.  Close or Kill all the other programs and see if that speeds the computer back up.  After each class, make sure all the programs are closed (IceWeasel, Open Office, Scratch.)

8. If all else fails . . . watch the videos I have provided. 

At the end of the day:

1. PLEASE TURN OFF THE AMP.  The switch is located at the top.
2. Have Ms. Queen shut down all the computers.  Shut down computer #10 last.
3. PLEASE, PLEASE make sure the door is closed and locked before you leave.