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Basic Picture Manipulation with JES

Computers store pictures as an array of points called pixels that use Red, Green, and Blue color values to thousands of different colors.  A simple example would be this representation of the letter "H":

Another example would be this painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat.  The artist uses points of light to create picture. 

We will use JES: Jython Environment for Students to write a simple program to manipulate the pixels in pictures.  JES is a programming IDE for Python built on Java.  JES is used to write computer programs to manipulate pictures and sound.  Currently Georgia Tech uses JES to teach Introduction to Computer Science through Media Computation.


1.  Click the JES icon one time.
2.  Select "File -> Save" and save the blank document as "" in your file area.  (Do not put spaces in your file name.)

3. Type the following function to select and store pictures in JES:

# Function to return an Array of pixels for a picture

def pickAndMakePicture():
  pic = pickAFile()
  pic = makePicture(pic)
  return pic

4.  Type the following function to make all the pixels green in a picture:

# Make the picture Green only

def keepGreen(pic):
  for p in getPixels(pic):
  return pic

5.  Type this main function:

# Main Method

def main():
  pic1 = pickAndMakePicture()
  pic1 = keepGreen(pic1)

6. To run your program:
    a. Save your program again ("File -> Save")
    b. Click the "Load Program" button
    c. Type "main()" in the interactions pane.
    d. Select a picture file from your file area and watch the program turn it green.  (It will take a while -> be patient.)

7.  The finished program will look like this:

8.  Some sample pictures created with this program:

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