Programming with Processing and EarSketch
ISTE 2016: Session WH231

Workshop Presentation and Shared Documents
Presentation: Programming with Processing and EarSketch
PDF of Workshop Presentation
Shared Processing Functions
Shaped Python Functions

Software Downloads

EarSketch Online Music Programming Tool

Sonic Pi

Python 2.7 for Windows

Processing Lessons
SketchPad: Online Processing IDE
Directions for downloading Processing
Java and Processing Elements
Video Introduction to Processing
Defining Functions: Draw a Boat Exercise
Processing Function Exercise
Processing Synthesizer Lab
Processing Lessons on
Processing Project Description and Rubric
Design Process for Processing Final Project
Directions for Zipping and Uploading Processing Project

Video Lessons for Processing Introduction:
Lesson 01: Drawing and Setting Colors
Lesson 02: 2D Image drawing and fill
Lesson 03: Using the draw() function for animation

Processing: Resources for Actor Class
Actor Class Code
Defining Classes in Processing
Directions for Class Based Programming
Directions for Actor Based Exercise
Directions for Creating Child Class of Actor
Directions for Simple Game in Processing
Collision Detection Examples for Actor Class
Particle Simulation with Arrays and act() function
Event Driven programming for Actor Class
Directions for Adding Trigonometry Functions to Actor Class

EarSketch Lessons
Online EarSketch:
EarSketch FitMedia Function Video
EarSketch Overview and Introduction
Setup EarSketch Directions: User Account
Online EarSketch Website
A B Sections Exercise EarSketch 2 Directions
MakeBeat and For Loop Exercise EarSketch 2 Directions
Defining Functions Directions
Effects Exercise
Table of EarSketch Effects
Lists in EarSketch Exercise
EarSketch Final Project Directions and Rubric
EarSketch Final Project Description Presentation

Python Resources:
Python Turtles Overview
Online Python Interpreter (nebomusic)

Downloads of Student Sample Work
ZIP file with sample student work

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