Michael Connolly Mrs. Swenson Beethoven


Beethoven was a very famous pianist he practiced all the time. He was forced by his father. He would punish him if he didn't. His best work was symphonies 1 through 9, moonlight sonata, Fur Elise, Fedelio,Missa Solemnis.

By the time he was twelve he was making a living

 for his family. His music genre was classical.


symphony 1 

The symphony is clearly indebted to Beethoven's predecessors, particularly his teacher Haydn, but nonetheless has characteristics that clearly mark it as Beethoven's work, notably the frequent use of sforzandi and the prominent use of wind instruments. Sketches for the finale are found among the exercises Beethoven wrote while studying counterpoint under Albrechtsberger in the spring of 1795. I got this article from wikepedia symphony 1 Beethoven.completely deaf music example:


A portrait by Joseph Karl Stieler, 1820


Beethoven in 1823; copy of a destroyed portrait by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller