Palindromes Lesson Plan:


Students will manipulate data in an array.
Students will copy data from one array to another.


BCS-BP-4:   Students will explore different representations of images and music in a computer.
BCS-BP-10:  Students will write programs that process two-dimensional arrays.

Prior Knowledge:

Students will have done image manipulation unit in JES.
Students will have access to .wav sounds.
Students will know how to do basic sound functions.

Materials Needed:

Access to Youtube Video, LCD System and Speakers
Copy of worksheet for each student:  PalindromesemordnilaP Worksheet
Computer and JES for each student.  (Students may share if needed)

Note:  Students may do this assignment for homework or extra credit.


1.  Discuss Palindromes and examples.
2.  Play Video of Mozart Tablemusic.

Link to printed Mozart Mirrormusic:

3.  Distribute worksheet.


1.  Does not meet the Standard:  Incomplete code and now sound file.

2.  Meets the Standard:  Program Runs and you have saved the program and the Palindrome sound to your file area.

3.  Exceeds the Standard:  Detailed comments in code telling how code works.  Code and Several examples of sound saved in file area.