Scratch Programming Project #10: Polygon Robot

Students will create a Scratch program that allows the user to manipulate variables to draw polygons, circles, and other designs.
Students will use math functions and variables in Scratch.
Students will use Broadcast and When I Recieve to inititiate commands in program.
Students will identify the need for user feedback in a computer program.

Basic Skills:

Students will understand the concept of angle and how to measure angles.
M4G1: Students will define and identify the characteristics of geometric figures through examination and construction.
M4P5:  Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.
M5A1: Students will represent and interpret the relationships between quantities algebraically.
M5G1: Students will understand congruence of geometric figures and the correspondence of their vertices, sides, and angles.

Materials:  (Individual or two student team)

Computer access
Scratch Software
Paper and pencils

Functions (Broadcast and When I receive)
Math functions
User Interface
Polygon Algorithm (Turn Angle = 360 / Number of Sides in Polygon) -> a = 360 / n
Pen up, Pen down, Pen color

Programming Project: Polygon Robot.

Prior Knowledge:
1. Creating scripts for direction and movement in Scratch
2. Using paint function to draw a sprite.
3. Pen up and Pen Down functions.
4. Using Broadcast and When I receive commands.


  • Completion of code in Scratch.
  • Running program in Scratch.
  • Measured against Rubric

Polygon Robot Project: 
You have been hired by an Educational Software Company to create a program that will teach students about shapes.  Your program will have one Sprite (The Polygon Robot) that will draw any type of shape and size the user desires.  This Polygon Robot will also draw flowers and designs.  

1. Create a Sprite.
2. Write scripts that direct your sprite to draw a square, circle, triangle.
3. Create buttons that the user selects to direct the sprite to draw the shapes.
4. Create variables to allow the user to change the size of the shapes.

1. Use additional variables to allow the user to change:
     a. Color of pen line.
     b. Type of polygon.
     c. Length of arc in circle.
2. Write scripts to allow the robot to draw more complex shapes such as stars and flowers.
3. Use "Stop" and "Clear" buttons to allow the user to clean up the screen.
4. Use directional arrows to allow user to move robot about the screen.

Example of Advanced Polygon Robot Program

Step By Step Instructions

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