Polygon Robot Step-by-Step in Scratch

This program will draw different designs based on changing variables such as number of sides, arc, radius, pen color, pen width.

Open Scratch and Make Basic Draw-a-Square Script:

1. Click Scratch Icon 1 time.
2. Keep the Cat.  Add the following Scripts to draw a square.

Change Square Script into Polygon Creater:

3. Click on the Variables Tab.
4. Click "Make a Variable"
5. Type "Sides" into the Dialog Box and Click "OK"

6. Double Click the "Sides" box on the world to make a Slider.  Set Slider to 6.

7. Drag the following Blocks into the Scripts Pane.  (The green division is found under "Numbers")

8.  Put these blocks into the Square Script.

9.  Press the space bar. The Cat should draw a hexagon.  Slide the slider up and down to create different Polygons.

Make the Flower Creater Script:

10.  Click on Variables and Make a Variable called "Width."
11.  Make the following Script below the Square Script

12.  Click the "f" key and your Cat should make some interesting designs.  Click the Stop Sign to stop the Cat.

Add More Variables:

13. Go to the Variables Tab and add the following variables.

14.  Change the Flower Script to look like this.

15.  Double Click all the Variables so they have sliders.  Make some designs.
16.  Save your work as "Lastname Polygon" in your file area.