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Robot Course 2010 Dimensions and Elements

Nebo Robotics Tournament 2010 Rules:

1. Robot must be only made from Lego Parts.  The "core" Robot may have no more than:
    1 NXT Brick
    3 Motors
    1 Ultrasonic Sensor
    1 Sound Sensor
    2 Touch Sensors
    2 Light Sensors
2. Software must be NXT-G 1.1 or NXT-G 2.0 or Robot C
3. Robot must be less than 12” long by 12” wide by 12” tall at start of match (Must fit inside Start and End Zone Boxes.) Robot may extend beyond these dimensions during missions.
4. Robot must start each mission(s) completely in START box.  (No part of the Robot may touch the black tape outline or extend over the black tape outline.)
5. Any touching of the robot during a mission outside the START box will incur a “Rescue Penalty.”
6. Teams may reconfigure the robot (add attachments) or change programs during the match while the robot is inactive. 
7.  Teams may not bring a computer to the competition table.  Bluetooth must be switched off on the Robot and Computer.  Only one Robot may be brought to the competition table.
8.  Remote controls may not be used.  The robot must be autonomous during the missions.
9.  The match is 2 minutes in length. 
10.  Items inside the Black Bin may partially hang out of bin, but must not touch the surface of the competition table.
11.  The Lego People score if any portion of the Lego People are touching the inside or black outline of the scoring box. 
12.  The team may bring only 1 Robot to the robot table for a match.  Teams may modify or switch robots between matches.

Team makeup:
1. Robot Teams are made up of 1-4 students per Robot. 

Robot Design and Construction:
Basic Robot may have no more than the following:
1 Mindstorms Brick
3 Motor/Rotation Sensors
1 Ultrasonic Sensor
1 Sound Sensor
2 Light Sensors
2 Touch Sensors
Any wires needed to connect the motors and sensors to the brick.

Any other Lego pieces may be used in addition to the Basic Robot.

1. Three Lego Hoops to Black Bin: 20 points each: 3 x 20 = 60
2. Lego Little People to Opposite Square: 20 points each: 2 x 20 = 40
3. Blue Ball to Black Plastic Bin: 50 points.
4. Robot in completely inside End Zone Square at end of match: 50 points.  (No part of Robot may touch or extend over the black outline)
Total Possible = 200 Points

Rescue Penalty:
1. Each time the robot is rescued (Brought back to base by hand to reset: Judge will take one Lego Hoop away.  (Maximum Rescue Penalty =  minus 60 points.)
2. After 3 rescues - no more point penalties occur for each subsequent rescue.

Robot Game:
1. A match is defined as a 2 minute round for the Team and their Robot to complete as many missions as possible.
2. An active robot is defined as soon as any part of the robot leaves the Start Base after a program is executed. 
2. A robot mission is defined as robot starting in base - going to complete a task, and returning to base. The team and robot may do as many missions as they want during a 2 minute period.
3. Teams may touch the returning active robot as soon as any portion of the Robot Touches the Black Tape or outline of the Base.
4. If a team touches the active robot while it is outside of Base, the Team will incur a "Rescue Penalty."  In a Rescue situation, the team may return the robot to Base to start a mission - however, they will still incur the Rescue Penalty.
5.  Any game elements (Ball, Hoops, People) touching the robot during a Rescue will be returned to the Game starting position by the judges during the rescue.  The judge will then remove one Lego Hoop as the penalty from the playing surface.

Tournament will consist of the Robot Game:
1. Robot Game  (200 Points)

Robot Game Procedures: (Max 200 points)
1. Teams will have two matches to complete as many missions and earn as many points as possible.
2. After two matches, the lowest score for each team is thrown out.  Only the Team's highest score will count.
(For example, Team A scores 50 points in Match 1 and 180 points in Match 2.  Team A earns 180 points for the Robot Game. (The low score of 50 points is thrown out.))
3.  If two teams' high scores Tie.  Then the other match scores will be used to determine the winner.
(For example. 
Team A scores 180 in Match 1 and 120 in Match 2.
Team B Scores 80 in Match 1 and 180 in Match 2.
Teams A and B high scores are tied, Team A wins over Team B because the Team A has a higher score (120) in the other match than Team B (80).)

Robot Game (Most Points earned in Robot Game)
1st, 2nd, 3rd

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