Android Java Lessons

Installation of SDK
Directions for download and install of Android ADK
Directions to Install USB Driver for NEXUS Phone

Media Resources for Projects
Unzip this folder and place on your desktop:
Media Resources

XML Tutorials
XML Introduction PDF
XML Introduction Video Lesson
Video Instructions to set up Tip Calculator XML

Android Java Objects and Sensors
Introduction to Android Java
Description of SeekBar Object
Accelermoter Sensor and Data
Handlers and Runnables
GPS Sensor and Data
TouchEvent Data

Project 01
Chutes and Ladders Simulation

Project 01a: XML Interface Practice App
XML User Interface Design
Part 1: EditText, TextView, and Button for Value Conversion
Part 2: EditText, SeekBar, and Value Conversion
Part 3: Button Objects and TextView Display
Part 4: EditText and Return Value functions

Project 02: Sound Projects
Android Drummer Project
Image Button Sounds App

Project 03
Pedometer App: Using the Accelerometer Sensor
Setup and Reading Accelerometer Values
SeekBar Object Description

Project 04
Description of GPS Sensor Setup in Android Java
GPS Display App: Using the Location/GPS Sensor
GPS Map Display Project
GPS Map Project Android Eclipse Package
Directions for Downloading and Importing GPS Map Project

Project 05
Point of Sale App: Coffee Shop Simulation

Project 06
Text to Speech App

Project 07
Tip Calculator App

Project 08
Doodle App Setup Video
Drawing App
XML Files for Drawing App

Project 09
Handler Runnable Tutorial

Project 10
ASL Alphabet Project
ASL Alphabet Image Resources
Zip File with ASL Alphabet Images

Project 11
Animation Practice with Android: Bouncing

Project 12
Bouncing Lab Part 2: ArrayLists and Accelerometers
Written Instructions for Actor Class
Written Instructions: Graphics, TouchData, Accelerometer Data
Written Instructions: Collision Detection and ArrayLists

Video Resources: Best Viewed on Internet Explorer
Lesson 01: Creating the Actor Class
Lesson 02: Using an ArrayList to control the Actors
Lesson 03: Reading and deploying Accelerometer Data Across the App

Project 13
2D Game Engine Tutorial
Game Image Collection

Final App Project Description
Final App Project Description and Rubric

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