EarSketch Lessons

EarSketch Overview
EarSketch Overview Presentation

EarSketch Directions: Online Version
Lesson 01: EarSketch A and B Section Exercise
Lesson 02: MakeBeat and For Loop Exercise
Lesson 03: Defining Functions
Lesson 04: Defining and Using Lists
Lesson 05: Using the setEffect() Function

EarSketch Resources
EarSketch Website
Online EarSketch Workstation
Rendering Music from REAPER to a .wav file
Every Effect Explained in Detail
EarSketch API Guide (List of functions)
Uploading an EarSketch Project to the Social Media Site from REAPER

Other Electronic Music Links
Audio Sauna Virtual Synthesizer
Processing and Audio Synthesizer Lab
Arduino and Processing Analog Synth Simulator

EarSketch Directions: Installed Version
Lesson 01: Creating EarSketch Folder and Reaper Overview.
Lesson 02: fitMedia() Function: Inserting Music
Lesson 03b: First Remix: A and B Section Exercise
Lesson 04: First Remix: using fitMedia() to create a track
Lesson 05: First Remix: Finishing the A Section
Lesson 06: First Remix: Creating the B Section
Lesson 07: Overview of the makeBeat() Function
Lesson 08: Making a beat with the makeBeat() Function
Lesson 09: Using "For Loops" to repeat makeBeat() across a range of measures
Lesson 11: Setup the Function Exercise Code.
Lesson 12: Finish the A Section.
Lesson 13: Finish the B Section, start and end variables.
Lesson 14: Define sectionA() and sectionB() Functions.
Lesson 15: Calling Functions.
Lesson 16b: Defining a List.
Lesson 17: Refactoring List into a Function.
Lesson 18: Finish List refactor into a Function.
Lesson 19: Demonstration of ensembleCollect() function.
Lesson 20b: Using the setEffect() Function

Final Project Description
Lesson 21a: Description of EarSketch Project
Lesson 21b: Setup for the EarSketch Final Project

Final Project Resources
Rendering a REAPER Project to a .wav file

EarSketch Final Project Directions and Rubric
Final Project Example Code

Student Final Project Examples

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