EarSketch I Summer Camp 2013

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EarSketch Resources
EarSketch Website
Online Python Interpreter
Rendering Music from REAPER to a .wav file

Video Lessons

Monday: EarSketch API and Remixing
Lesson 01: Setting Up Social Media Account
Lesson 02: Starting and Saving a new EarSketch Project
Lesson 03: Using fitMedia() to add Music.
Lesson 04: Using fitMedia() over a range of measures.
Lesson 05: fitMedia() function overview.
Lesson 06: Using the EarSketch Sound Browser and Adding Drum Tracks.
Lesson 07: Introduction to Effects.
Lesson 08: Using the setEffect() function.
Lesson 09: Overview of makeBeat() function.
Lesson 10: Using the For Loop to Repeat function calls.

Tuesday: Defining Functions and Lists

Defining Functions
Lesson 11: Setup the Function Exercise Code.
Lesson 12: Finish the A Section.
Lesson 13: Finish the B Section, start and end variables.
Lesson 14: Define sectionA() and sectionB() Functions.
Lesson 15: Calling Functions.

Defining and Using Lists
Lesson 16: Defining a List.
Lesson 17: Refactoring List into a Function.
Lesson 18: Finish List refactor into a Function.
Lesson 19: Demonstration of ensembleCollect() function.


Music Samples
Nagada Nagada

Creating Your Own Music Samples for EarSketch
Lesson 20: Downloading Sample Music Files.
Lesson 21: Copying Files to EarSketch Sounds Folder and Writing Python Sample Code.
Lesson 22: Trimming and Matching Tempo.
Lesson 23: Render and Test Trimmed Music Sample.
Lesson 24: Matching Tempo with Slower Music Sample.
Lesson 25: Trimming and Exporting Matched Tempo Clip.
Lesson 26: Testing the Matched Tempo Clip with Python.

Final Project Setup
Lesson 27: Final Project Setup.

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