EarSketch II Summer Camp 2013

Evalutations and Surveys
Friday Post Test

EarSketch Resources
EarSketch Website
Online Python Interpreter
Rendering Music from REAPER to a .wav file

EarSketch Lessons


Review Lessons (From Week 1)
Lesson 01: Setting Up Social Media Account
Lesson 02: Starting and Saving a new EarSketch Project
Lesson 03: Using fitMedia() to add Music.
Lesson 04: Using fitMedia() over a range of measures.
Lesson 05: fitMedia() function overview.
Lesson 06: Using the EarSketch Sound Browser and Adding Drum Tracks.
Lesson 07: Introduction to Effects.
Lesson 08: Using the setEffect() function.
Lesson 09: Overview of makeBeat() function.
Lesson 10: Using the For Loop to Repeat function calls.

Image Sonification Exercises
Image Sonification Exercises Written Directions

Writing a Low Frequency Oscilator Function (Wobble)
Lesson 28: Starting the Low Frequence Oscilator Function
Lesson 29: Calculating and Building a List of Oscilating Values
Lesson 30: Running LFO Function and Graphing Values
Lesson 31: Writing the Wobble Function
Lesson 32: Finishing and Testing the Wobble Function
Lesson 33: Refining the Wobble Function and applying different divisions


Writing a Root Mean Squared Analysis Function
Lesson 34: Music Information Analysis and the RMS Value
Lesson 35: Starting the gainAdjustRMS() Function
Lesson 36: Measuring RMS Values by slice and printing
Lesson 37: Finishing the gainAdjustRMS() Function

Writing a Spectral Centroid Analysis Function
Lesson 38: Starting the Spectral Centroid Listening Function
Lesson 39: Testing the Values in the Spectral Centroid Function
Lesson 40: Finishing and Testing the Spectral Centroid Function with Music

Directions for Building Your Own Effects: Ring Modulators


Final Project Setup
Lesson 41: Setting Up Week 2 Final Project
Lesson 42: Re-using Functions from Week's Lessons in Final Project
Lesson 43: Using Lists and Loops to Insert a Section of Music


Final Project Description
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