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What is my address?  Finding and Managing Files on Computer Systems

Operating Systems:

Basic software that tell the computer "who" it is.  Does all the work for the input, output, storage, and processing components on a computer.

2 Basic Types:

Microsoft Windows Based:
Windows 2000
Windows ME
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Unix/Linux/BSD Based:
OS X (Apple Computers, based on Free BSD)
Linux (Debian, Ubuntu . . .)

Everything is a file, and files are everything. 

You need to know your address!

Where do you live?  For example, if we wanted to describe where Nebo Elementary is located, we might write it like this:

United States -> Georgia -> Paulding County -> Dallas -> Nebo Road -> 2843

Computer Systems also work with the idea of "location."  Files are located in folders on disk drives.  Here is a typical Windows address:

Windows Address for typical home directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\

This means:

C Disk Drive -> Documents and Settings Folder -> Administrator -> My Documents

A Unix/Linux/BSD address has a different format.  Here is the location where we save our work in MusicTech:

Unix/OS X/Linux Address:

/home/customer/www/nebomusic.netc/NeboMusicWork/5th Grade/

This means:

root directory -> home directory -> nebomusic directory -> NeboMusicWork directory

Here is Nebo Elementary's address written in Windows and Unix/Linux style:

Windows style:
C:\United States\Georgia\Paulding County\Dallas\Nebo Road\2843

Unix/Linux/BSD style
/United States/Georgia/Paulding County/Dallas/Nebo Road/2843

Notice the SLASH:

\ = windows slash
/ = unix/linux/BSD slash

Bonus Stuff!!!

How about a web address?  Does it work the same way?

(What kind of slashes do web addresses use?)

The web Works the same way! 
"http://" tells the computer to look on the internet.
The domain name sever converts "" to an IP address
(67. 15.255.4)  (Like a computers address on the internet)
then the file "scratch.html" on the networked computer.


Assignment 1:

Write your street address in Windows and Unix/Linux style in your "Idea Book."

Assignment 2:
1. Go to the following Directory:

2. Find your homeroom teacher's folder and enter the folder.

3. Right click and create a folder with the following format:
Lastname Firstname

We will use this folder to keep all of our assignments and work in MusicTech.  Managing your files is the most important skill in using technology.

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