Directions for Building the 4 Wheel Drive NXT Robot with Light Sensor.
Michaud Design

Finished Robot

Building Directions

1. Take one 15 hole beam and one H shaped grey connecter.

2. Connect as shown.

3. Take one 10 long black rod, two grey hubs, and one large gear.

4. Assemble as shown.

5. Take one 6 long black rod, one grey hub, one yellow hub, and one large gear.

6. Assemble as shown.

7. Assemble as shown.

8. Take one 8 long black rod, and one servo motor.

9. Take additional grey 4 hole gear and one grey hub.

10. Assemble as shown.

11. Take one double pin.

12. Assemble as shown.

13. Assemble motor and grey hub.  Connect double pin to middle hole on motor.  Motor will be tilted slightly.

14. Finished Assembly.

15. Make a mirror image of steps 1 to 14. (for the other side).

16. Turn both sides over and place like below picture.

17. Take 4 double pins.

18. Assemble as shown.

19. Take one 9 hole beam.

20. Assemble as shown.

21. Flip assembly over and turn around.  Take two small right angle beams, two triple pins, and two double pins.

22. Place double pins and triple pins as shown.

23. Another view.

24. Place two grey right angle beams as shown.

25. Take two double pins and one 9 hole beam.

26. Place double pins as shown.

27. Place 9 hole beam as shown.

28. Take 4 wheels and tires.

29. Place tires as shown.

30.  Turn assembly around.

31. Take one obtuse angle beam, one double pin, and one blue pin.

32. Assemble as shown.

33. Place finished obtuse beam on assembly as shown.

34. Take one double angle beam, one double pin, and one blue pin.

35. Assemble as shown.

36. Connect double angle beam as shown.

37. Repeat steps 31 to 37 in mirror image on other side of vehicle.

38. Take four triple pins.

39. Place triple pins as shown.

40. Another view.

41. Take brick.

42. Turn vehicle assembly as shown.

43. Take one brick (Yes, I know it is a repeat)

44. Assemble Brick onto triple pins as shown.

45. Take two direction change pieces and four double pins.

46. Assemble as shown.

47. Place one piece on right side of vehicle.

48. Place other piece on left side.

49. Take two blue pins and one 13 hole beam.

50. Assemble as shown.

51. Place beam across vehicle as brace.

52. Wire as shown.  (B to right side and C to left side)

53. Gather one 9 hole beam, one large right angle beam, and four double pins.

54. Assemble as shown.

55. Assemble as shown.

56. Place vehicle front facing as shown.

57. Place assembly onto vehicle front.

58. Take one light sensor and two double pins.

59. Assemble as shown,

60. Place Light assembly on vehicle front.

61.  Wire Light Sensor to Input 3.

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