GaETC 2011: Session: 260 Space and Gravity Simulator - Spaceflight, Mathematics and Computer Science with Scratch!

Scratch Projects for Advanced Students:
Integrating Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics Standards

These projects integrate Mathematics and Computer Science Standards within the context of creating Physics Based Game/Simulations or Music/Drawing Programs. Scratch's real power lies in the area of having students organize their visual/sequential thoughts through moving graphics within a 2 Dimensional Space.

In addition, we can use Scratch introduce the idea of Model-View-Controller (MVC). Most Scratch programs interweave the Model and View stages with the programmer working directly with image position and movement. However, by using variables, lists, and operators the student can design the "Model" portion of the program within separate scripts. Then the student can use a short sequence of scripts to "Draw" the images to the screen. The MVC program structure then can be transferred over to programming within Objective C (OSX) or other environments.

Advanced Scratch Projects
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