Music Mixing with Python and EarSketch
OEC Camp July 13 to 17, 2015
Georgia Institute of Technology

Links and Software
EarSketch Online Python IDE
Python and EarSketch Programming Presentation
EarSketch Lessons at
Codecademy: Online Programming Lessons and Tutorials
Processing Program 32 bits Windows Download
Processing Program 64 bits for Windows Download
Processing for OSX
Open CV for Processing
Share Music URL's on this Google Doc

Microsoft Kinect Setup for Windows 7
Kinect Drivers for Windows 7
Arduino ZIP folder for Processing
Simple Open NI for Processing
Finger Tracker Library for Processing

Open CV Setup for Python on Windows Machines
Directions for Setting Up Open CV on Windows
Files for Open CV

Python and EarSketch Programming Presentation
Mixing Music with EarSketch: AB Sections Practice
EarSketch: Setting Effects

Processing IDE and Java Programming
Actor Class Source Code
Actor Class Properties and Functions
Event Programming in Processing
Synthesizer Simulator in Processing
For Loops in Python
makeBeat() function in EarSketch
EarSketch: Making Beats and For Loops

For Loops in Python
EarSketch: Defining Functions and Musical Form
Editing Your Own Sounds with Audacity for EarSketch

Directions for Setting Up Processing Synth Simulator
Synthesizer Simulator in Processing
Processing and Computer Vision Synthesizer Code: Webcam
EarSketch: Defining and Using Lists

Friday: Parent Show at 2:00 PM
EarSketch: Defining and Using Lists
Post Workshop Survey
Google Drive for Saving Projects

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