Processing Lessons

Download Processing for Windows 64 bit
For Windows You will need to unzip and copy the folder to your 'C:\Program Files (x86)' Folder

Download Processing for OSX
For OSX you will need to extract and copy to your Applications Directory

Setup Processing
Download and Installing Processing
Written Directions for Installation
Introduction to Processing: Language Overview
Using Processing Reference Resources

Processing Lessons
Introduction to Processing and Animation
Lesson 01: Starting Processing and Setting Colors
Lesson 02: 2D Image Drawing and Fill
Lesson 03: Using the Draw Function to Create Animations

Exercises (Best Viewed on Internet Explorer)
Exercise 01: Bouncing Ball and Conditionals
Exercise 01a: Written Directions: Bouncing Ball and Conditionals

Exercise 02: Row of Squares and For Loops

Exercise 03: Defining Functions for Shapes: Draw a Boat
Exercise 03a: Defining Functions Written Directions
Exercise 03b: Defining Functions from Drawings

Exercise 04a: Defining Classes and Pong Game Part 1
Exercise 04b: Defining the Paddle Class and Finishing Pong

Class Based Programming Resources
Presentation: Classes in Processing
Exercise 05: Written Directions for Class Based Programming
Exercise 05a: Creating Child Classes in Processing
Collision Detection in Class Based Processing
Particle Simulation: Rain Example
Event Driven Programming: Keyboard and Mouse Events

Robot Arm Kinematics (Best Viewed on Internet Explorer)
Kinematics 01: Introduction to Robot Arm Kinematics: Trig
Kinematics 02: Definition of Radians and Application to Kinematics
Kinematics 03: Using Processing To Draw and Animate a Robot Arm Segment
Kinematics 04: Writing a Function for a 2nd Arm Segment
Kinematics 05: Writing a Class Based Segmented Robot Arm

Processing and Arduino
Arduino and Processing Analog Synth Simulator

Code Samples
Collisions, Scoring, Screen Printing, Shooting

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