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Peter and The Wolf Project


1. Listen to Peter and The Wolf. Notice how the following instruments are used to create a musical "picture" of each character in the story.

Bird Flute
Duck Oboe
Cat Clarinet
Grandfather Bassoon
Wolf French Horns
Hunters Timpani and Bass Drum
Peter String Instruments

2. Select a character from the story.  Go to the Nebomusic Blog and make an entry explaining to me why you think Prokofiev chose a certain instrument for that character. You can also describe the character’s theme and how it relates to their personality.

3. Go to the Nebomusic blogging website and type in your response about the character and the instruments.:
    a. Go to:
    b. Click on "Peter and The Wolf"
    c. Enter your first names (students in groasdf
    d. For email: put "Teachername"
    e. Write blog entry
    f. Click submit

4. Select folk tale
    a. Three Pigs
    b. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
    c. Other folk tales as suggested by students

5. Make a list of characters

6. Use to select musical idea for each character

7. Record narration

8. Fold in musical clips

9. Create illustrations

10. Assemble in PowerPoint

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ASP Dance
ASP Drama
ASP Orchestra
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