Sub Plans for Friday, April 13th, 2007

Class Schedule:

7:30 to 7:40: Duty outside in Front
7:40 to 8:10: In Media Center helping with Broadcasting (Students should know what to do)
8:10 to 8:30: Classroom Prep
8:30 to 9:10: 1st Grade :Adair
9:15 to 9:55: Kindergarten Armstrong
10:00 to 10:40: 2nd Grade Blake
10:45 to 11:25 3rd Grade Churchill
11:25 to 12:25: Lunch and Planning

12:25: Mr. Michaud Returns to teach in the afternoon.Thanks!

Sub Plans for 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, and Kindergarten:

Do Hand patterns and Chant “Bate Bate”

1. Teach the hand movements listed in “Footlights.”
2. Pair up the students and have them practice the hand movements without the music.
3. Play music (Click Here) and have students do movements with music.
4. Pass out yellow textbooks and have students turn to page 242.
5. Chant “Bate” in spanish
6. Have them say “quickly” for the eighth notes and “stir” for the quarter notes.
7. Chant “Bate” with “quickly” and “stir”
8. Pass out rhythm sticks and have students play along in rhythm with the recording.
9. Collect sticks and put them back in box.

Practice Writing Rhythm Patterns:
1. Divide students into 4 groups.
2. Pass out Rhythm Card envelopes to each group.
3. Create patterns using “quickly” and “stir” and have students select cards and put them in order for the patterns you chanted.
a. Ex:  “stir, stir, quickly stir”
b. More Patterns:
i. Quickly, quickly, stir, stir
ii. Quickly, stir, quickly stir
iii. Quickly, quickly, quickly, stir
iv. Stir, quickly, stir, quickly

If time, do the following:

1. Play Grizzly Bear Game (Students should know how to play) (Click to play)
2. If time is left, Watch Magic School Bus Video provided.

Plans for 3rd Grade:

Students will play Hot Cross Buns and Rain is Falling Down on their recorders.

1. Pass out recorders from labeled bin.
2. Direct students to open their recorder books to Page 6
3. Play Hot Cross Buns together as a group.
a. (B, A, G--- | B, A, G--- | G G G G | A A A A | B, A, G---)
4. Review Reading B, A, and G on the recorder
5. Divide the students into 8 groups and split them among the computers in the room.
6. Direct the students to go to
7. Have students click on “Exercises”
8. Have students click on “Rain is Falling Down” worksheet.
9. Students will type in the note names for the pitches in the text boxes beneath the music.
10. Check the student’s work.
11. Allow students to practice on their own playing their recorders and reading off the computer.
12. Pass out the “Rain is Falling Down” handout.
13. Play Rain is Falling Down together as a class.  Click Here to play music accompaniment.
14. If you still have time, play “Merrily We Roll Along” on Page 7 in the recorder book.
a. Click Here for music.
15. Have students put their recorders back into the bin at end of class.