Sub Plans for Friday, April 20th, 2007

Class Schedule:

7:30 to 7:40: Duty outside in Front
7:40 to 8:10: In Media Center helping with Broadcasting.
8:10 to 8:30: Classroom Prep
8:30 to 9:10: Kindergarten: Torrance
9:15 to 9:55: 1st Grade: Wheeler
10:00 to 10:40: 2nd Grade Whitworth
10:45 to 11:25 3rd Grade Miller
11:25 to 12:25: Lunch and Planning

12:25 to 1:05: 4th Grade Johnson
1:10 to 1:50:    5th Grade Swenson

You can adjust the volume of the music by using the wheel on the side of the computer monitor.
The music will come from the large black amp near the computer.  Use the switch on the front to turn it on and off.

At 2:00, please have custodians come and lock my room for the weekend.  Please leave all the computers on.  Turn off the large black amplifier.  Thanks!

Mr. Michaud

Plans for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade:

Dance the "Gallapede Dance"  (Click to Play Music)


Form: Longways Set (Two lines of students facing each other)

A1 (16 beats)
All forward and back. (8)
All cross over to partner's place, pulling by partner with the right hand (8).

A2 (16 beats)
All forward and back (8)
All cross back to place, again pulling by with the right hand. (8)

B (16 beats)
Do-Si-Do around partner (8)
Two hand turn around partner (8)

C (16 beats)
Top pair takes two hands and sashay down the center to the bottom of the set.
Other couples move up one place.
Dance starts over.

Play Xylophones with "Dumplins"


1. Direct students to sit on the risers.
2. Play the recording of "Dumplins"  (Click Here to Play)
3. Ask students which words repeat ("No, My Friend")
4. Play recording again and have students sing with "No, My Friend"
5. Learn these lyrics:

One of my dumplins gone. Don't tell me so!

6.  Sing with recording.
7.  Pass out xylophones.  Learn the following patterns:

"No My Friend" = F# E D
"One of my dumplins gone" = F# F# F# E E D
"Don't Tell Me So" = A A B A

8.  When students have patterns learned.  Play xylophones with recording
9.  At end of class, put xylophones and mallets away.

Plans for 3rd Grade:

Students will play recorders and review "Merrily We Roll Along" and learn "French Song" and a new note C.  If time, students will learn "Indian Chant."

1.  Pass out recorders from the bin.
2.  Direct students to turn to page 7 in their books.
3.  Play "Merrily We Roll Along" together.


4.  Direct students to put their recorders back in their cases and divide the students among the classroom computers.
5.  Direct them to go to
6.  Have them click on "Exercises"
7.  Have them click on "French Song" Worksheet.
8.  Direct them to type in the pitches below the notes.

G G G A | B A | G B A A | G
G G G A | B A | G B A A | G

9.  Have them take their recorders out and play "French Song" together.
10.  Have the students go back to their seats on the risers.
11.  Open the recorder books to page 10 and learn the note C
12.  Turn to Page 11 and learn "Indian Chant"  (Click for Music)

13.  When finished, direct the students to put their recorders back in their cases and then back into their bins.

4th and 5th Grade Lesson Plans:

Students will play recorders and sing several end of the year songs.

1.  Pass out recorders from the bin.
2.  Direct students to play the following warm up pattern:


3.  Learn the note "Low E"

You play Low E by placing 5 fingers down on the front of the recorder and placing the thumb over the hole in the back of the recorder.  The students should know how to do this.

4.  Have the students go to the computers and go to
5.  Have them click on "Exercises"
6.  Have them click on "Canoe Song"
7.  Direct students to fill in the pitches for "Canoe Song"

8.  Have students play "Canoe Song" Together

(Click Here for a recording of Mr. Michaud Playing  "Canoe Song")

9.  When finished, sing the following songs with the students:

People of the 21st Century
See You Later

10.  After class is finished, direct students to put their recorders away in the bins.
11.  PLEASE make sure room is locked when you leave for the day!