Sub Plans for Music
Monday, February 11th, 2008
Mr. Michaud


Thanks for covering my music classes.  You will find all the materials on a chair in the center of the room.  The music for the classes can be found on Click on the link for these plans and the music links will be in blue.  Simply click the links to play the music.  The music is set up to come out through the main speakers.  If there is a major problem with the sound, the amplifier is located in the closet next to the exit door.  Simply turn off the Amplifier in case of emergency.  You can control the volume with the volume knob to the right of the computer screen on the teacher's desk.  To Log In to the Teacher Computer, type "search_1" into the login field without a password.

Please do the following Lesson with 3rd, 4th and 5th Grades:

Students will play Hot Cross Buns and Rain is Falling Down on their recorders.

1. Pass out recorders from labeled bin.
2. Direct students to open their recorder books to Page 6
3. Play Hot Cross Buns together as a group.
a. (B, A, G--- | B, A, G--- | G G G G | A A A A | B, A, G---)
4. Review Reading B, A, and G on the recorder
5. Divide the students into 10 groups and split them among the computers in the room.
6. Direct the students to go to
7. Have students click on “Exercises”
8. Have students click on “Rain is Falling Down” worksheet.
9. Students will type in the note names for the pitches in the text boxes beneath the music.
10. Check the student’s work.
11. Allow students to practice on their own playing their recorders and reading off the computer.
12. Pass out the “Rain is Falling Down” handout.
13. Play Rain is Falling Down together as a class.  Click Here to play music accompaniment.
14. If you still have time, play “Merrily We Roll Along” on Page 7 in the recorder book.
15. Have students put their recorders back into the bin at end of class.
16. If you still have time- you may play the crazy tennis ball game.

Lesson Plans for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grade:

1. Sing and Move to "A Rum Sum Sum"

A Rum Sum Sum, A Rum Sum Sum
And a gooly, gooly, gooly, gooly, Rum Sum Sum
A rafi, A rafi
And a gooly, gooly, gooly, gooly, Rum Sum Sum
Slap Lap, Clap Twice, Slap Lap, Clap Twice
Roll Hands in front of body, Slap Lap, Clap Twice
Alligator Hands open, clap on "rafi" (2x)
Same as 2nd line. (Gooly, Gooly)

Learn song and do it three times, each time getting faster.  Do the song and motions a fourth time very slowly

2.  Do the "La Raspa" Dance
-Teach a "kicking" motion with arms folded
-Pair the students up
-Teach "elbow swing" motion with partners
-Play "La Raspa." Students will "kick" on A section and "elbow swing" on B section
-Describe the ABAB pattern of the song

3. Play percussion with "La Raspa"
-Divide class into boys and girls
-Give Boys Drums. Give Girls Tamborines and Maracas
-Play La Raspa. Have the boys play drums during the A section. Girls Play during the B section.
-Play La Raspa again. Boys move freely around room and play on A section.  Girls freeze in A section.  On B section, Girls dance and play and Boys freeze.
-Collect insruments

4. (1st and 2nd Grade Only) Sing Through Songs for the PTA Program. 

Play Recordings By clicking on these lings:
Grand Old Flag
This is My Country
American Tears

4.  Grizzly Bear Game:  (Grizzly Bear) The students should know how to play the game.

5.  Show the Magic School Bus (1st and K) or Handel’s Last Chance (2nd) video if you have time left over.

Morning Schedule:

7:30 to 7:45:

   Morning Duty: Car Riders in front of school

8:30-9:10 2nd Grade:
9:15-9:55  3rd Grade:
10:00-10:40  Kindergarten

4th Grade:
11:30-12:10   1st Grade:
12:10-1:10 Lunch & Planning

1:10-1:50   5th Grade:
Clean Up

Do not allow students to touch the keyboard or sound equipment. 

DO NOT TURN OFF IBM WHITE COMPUTERS:  Only Mr. Michaud can log into them and turn them back on.  Ms. Wray can not help you with these computers.

Do not turn any equipment on or off except TV and Amplifier player I provide. 

You may log into the black Dell Computer by using “search_1” with no password.

PLEASE make sure room is locked before you leave!  Thanks!

Mr. Michaud