Sub Plans for Friday, May 9th, 2008

Class Schedule:

7:30 to 7:40: Duty outside in Front
7:40 to 8:10: In Media Center helping with Broadcasting.
8:10 to 8:30: Classroom Prep
8:30 to 9:10: 2nd Grade: Young
9:15 to 9:55: 3rd Grade: Torchia
10:00 to 10:40: Kindergarten: Garrett
10:45 to 11:25 4th Grade: Johnson
11:30 to 12:10: 1st Grade: Williams

12:10 to 1:10:  Lunch and Planning
1:10 to 1:50:    5th Grade Wisehart

You can adjust the volume of the music by using the wheel on the side of the computer monitor.
The music will come from the large black amp near the computer.  Use the switch on the front to turn it on and off.

At 2:00, please have custodians come and lock my room for the weekend.  Please leave all the computers on.  Turn off the large black amplifier.  Thanks!

Mr. Michaud

Plans for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd Grade:

Ants Go Marching: (Click here for music)

1.  Discuss with students how ants work together to gather food and build their homes. 
2.  Instruct the students to march with steady beat around the room while the music plays.  At the end of the verses have the students act out the words.  (Ex.  "The ants go marching one by one and the little stopped to suck his thumb." -> Students stop and pretend to suck thumbs.)
3.  Demonstrate steady beat for students on large drum.  Relate steady beat to marching.

Playing Instruments with "Na Bahia Tem" (Click here for music)

1.  Have students echo sing and clap the following patterns: Click on the pattern to play an example.


2.  Divide students into 4 groups and pass out instruments:

3.  Practice one group at a time playing their pattern. 
4.  Play Music and have students play along.
5.  Rotate students through all the instruments.
6.  Put instruments away.

Dance the Chimes of Dunkirk Dance: (Click here for music)

Formation: Long ways set (Two parallel lines of children facing each other.)

A Section (16 Beats):
All forward and back (8 Beats).
Right hand around partner (8 Beats).

B1 Section (16 Beats):
All clap hands three times with music (4 Beats.)
All stamp one foot three times with music (4 Beats.)
Two hand turn around partner (8 Beats.)

B2 Section (16 Beats):
Clapping (4) and stamping (4) as before.
First couple take two hands across and sashay to the bottom of the set.
Everyone else move up one place.

Plans for 3rd Grade:

Students will review "Merrily We Roll Along" on Recorder and play "Indian Chant" from Page 9 of their book.

1. Pass out the recorders and books from the student's assigned bin.
2. Direct students to open their books to page 7.
3. Review notes for "Merrily We Roll Along"

BAGA  | BBB- | AAA-| BBB-|

BAGA | BBB- | AABA | G---||

4. Have students play along with recording: (Click Here for "Merrily We Roll Along")

5. Direct students to go to Page 9 in their books.
6. Review the note "C"
7. Review the patterns for "Indian Chant"

8. Play "Indian Chant" with recording: (Click Here for "Indian Chant")
9. Direct students to put their recorders away.
10. If you have extra time, follow the Playing Instruments with "Na Bahia Tem" steps from the 1st and 2nd Grade plan above.

Plans for 4th and 5th Grade:

Students will play recorder and work on "That 70's BAG." 

1. Pass out recorders to the students from their class bin.
2. Give students the handout of "That 70's BAG"
3. Practice sections of "That 70's BAG"
4. Play with recording.  (Click Here for "That 70's BAG")

5. If time is left over, Play "Indian Chant" from 3rd Grade plan and do the instrument activity: Playing Instruments with "Na Bahia Tem" from the 1st and 2nd Grade plan.
6. When finished, have the students return the recorders to their bins.

7.  For 5th Grade, you can sing the following sings with the students.

See You Later

8.  PLEASE make sure room is locked when you leave for the day!