Sub Plans for Wednesday, August 27th:

All Music is located on the "Sub Plans CD 2009 K,1,2.  Please return the CD and CD player to my desk in room 304 when you are finished.

3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade:

A. Write four sentences in Idea Book about themselves:

Bring Notebooks to class (Or have paper available)
-Discuss phrases they would use to describe themselves
-> Favorite foods, animals, sports
-> Where they live
-> What they want to do when they grow up
-Have students write 4 sentences in their notebooks about themselves - All About Me.

(I will use these sentences in a later computer project - so the kids must keep these sentences in their notebooks.  Do not collect from students.)

B. 2nd and 3rd Graders: Do Dance "Step in Time"
(Track #2)
(Be careful not to fall into each other or equipment.)
    Put students into pairs
    Do actions as described in song
        "Kick your knees up"
        "Link Elbows"
        "Round the Chimney"
        "Flap Like a Birdy"
        "Step in Time" = (Hold hands and walk about room.)

C. Computer time: Experiment with Painting Program
Drawing shapes using shape tool.  
(Paintbrush icon on lower screen between Iceweasal and Open Office)
Click one time to start program
Do not use computers 9, 15, 24, 25 (They do not have the paint program installed)

D. (If you do not have access to computers)  Watch video provided.


Sub Plans for 1st, 2nd, Kindergarten:

A.  Hello Song:

"Hello, Hello I'm so very glad to see you.
Hello, Hello, how are you today?
Hello, Hello I'm so very glad to see you.
Hello, Hello, how are you today?  Yeah!"

1. Sing or chant song while patting lap in steady beat
2. Practice group saying "Yeah!" at end of song strongly
3. Sing or chant song again with children saying "Yeah!"

B. Hey Children Who's in Town?

"Hey Children who's in town?
Everybody stop and look around.
Hey children who's in town?
Tell us your name and then sit down!"

1. Chant and pat steady beat on lap.  At end of chant - say your name and sit down.
2. Do as a group with children - all saying names together at same time at end of song.
3. Do again - this time at end, tap each child on the head in order around the circle.  When a child is tapped, they say their name and sit down.  Repeat 3 times, each time getting faster.
4. Do again for 4th time - this time in slow-motion. Emphasize fast versus slow.

C. Giant Steps

"Big steps strong steps
moving right along steps
Big steps, strong steps
hear the giants come!"

"Little steps, baby steps
little bitty baby steps
little steps, baby steps
tip-toeing around."

1. Have children imagine they have grown into giants.
2. Instruct them to stomp around the room in self space while Teacher plays the large drum in quarter notes and chants the "Big Steps" verse.  They must freeze when teacher hits the cymbal.  
3. Have the children imagine they are now baby mice.  
4. Have children tip-toe to eighth notes on the little drum while Teacher chants "Little Steps" verse.
5. Alternate between big drum, little drum, and freeze on cymbal.  Students must listen to do the right actions depending on drum the teacher chooses to play.

D. All Around the Kitchen (Recording = Track #1)

Hands on Hips, circle in self space = "All Around the Kitchen"
Jump up and down = "Cocka doodle, doodle, do!"
Freeze in place = "Stop like this!"

Play song and have students do actions.  During the instrumental break keep steady beat on hands, stepping, patting legs, patting heads, tapping shoulders, and jumping.

E. Read a Story:
1st Grade: There was an Old Women
-Kindergarten: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If extra time, show Magic School Bus movie.