Tech Lesson 1:  File Management and Homerow:


Basic Skills:
Demonstrates understanding of basic technology and telecommunication tools
Operates Basic technology tools and applications

M5P3: Students will communicate mathematically
M5P5: Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.

MSBCS-BCSI-2: Students identify and demonstrate computer maintenance and safety.

MSBCS-BCSI-4: Students will develop keyboarding skills by touch with speed and accuracy.


Identify File structures in Windows and Unix
Create and label folder on Server in proper location
Save file from Internet to File Area
Identify keys in homerow


Show Picture Sequence:  (Located at:

Earth -> USA -> Georgia -> Paulding -> Nebo -> 304
Define "Address" -> "written code or system describing location"

Computers Speak two languages: Windows and Unix/Linux

2843 Nebo Road, Dallas Ga, 30157

C:\Earth\United States\Georgia\Paulding\Dallas\Nebo Road\2843\Room 304

/Earth/United States/Georgia/Paulding/Dallas/Nebo Road/2843/Room 304

In Idea Book:
Students write address in:

In Basic Text Editor: Address in Unix

File Area Setup Handout

We are going to build a "House":
1. Place to keep the files we make in MusicTech
2. Click once on "Home" (House on Panel)
3. Click once on "NeboMusicWork"
4. Click once on Grade level (3,4, or 5)
5. Click once on your teacher's name
6. Right Click and select "Create New -> Folder"
7. Type "Lastname Firstname"
8. Click "OK"
9. Close the window (Click on the "x")

Find your "House."
1. Click on "Home."
2. Click on "NeboMusicWork."
3. Click on Grade Level
4. Click on Teacher
5. Click on your name.
6. Close the window

Save a PIcture File to your "House."
1. Go to
2. Right Click on Tux (Penguin) in lower right corner
3. Select "Save Image As"
4. Navigate to your Directory
5. Click "Save"
6. Close the web browser.  
7. Click on "Home"
8. Find your picture (/home/customer/www/nebomusic.netc/NeboMusicWork/<Grade Level>/<Teacher>/<Your Name>/

Assessment: Check to see of the students have done the following:
Students create their Directory in the "Lastname Firstname" format" in the correct teacher folder.
Students save the picture of "Tux" in their folder.
Students can identify the keys of the home row on the keyboard.

NEVER go into another student's folder
NEVER open another student's work
You will have your computer priviledges removed if I find you in another student's folder

Closing: write the "path"
/home/customer/www/nebomusic.netc/NeboMusicWork/5th Grade/White/Lastname Firstname

Demo web address:

Demo home row: asdf | jkl;
Practice on K-Type home row