Tech Lesson 2: All About Me (3rd, 4th, 5th Grades)

Demonstrates understanding of basic technology and telecommunication tools
Operates Basic technology tools and applications

Basic Skills:

M5P3: Students will communicate mathematically
M5P5: Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.

M4P3: Students will communicate mathematically
M4P5: Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.

M3P3: Students will communicate mathematically
M3P5: Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.


Students will type in and manipulate text in a text editor.
Students will use spaces, line breaks, and paragraph breaks in the correct ways:
    Spaces: Between Words
    Paragraph Breaks: at the ends of paragraphs
Students will Use capitalization and punctuation properly in sentences.
Students will select and insert graphics from the internet to support their writing.
Students will cite pictures with a bibliographical comment.

Process:  (Student Directions)

1. Have students write 4 facts about themselves in their idea books.
2. Have students start Open Office Text / Microsoft Word
3. Demonstrate following:
    Capital Letters
    Space Bar
    Using "Return/Enter"
    Using arrow keys to move around text
4. Students type in the four sentences.  Use a Paragraph break after each sentence.
5. Students save their work in their Folders.  "Lastname All About Me."
6. Teacher demonstrates and reviews saving pictures from Internet.

    Directions at:

7. Students go to ""
8. Students select 4 images and save them to their Folders
9. Students write down the bibliographical information in their Idea Books
10. Students insert pictures into their Text Document.
11. Save the text document.


Students will have created a Text document with 4 sentences featuring proper spacing, punctuation, and line breaks.  Students will have 4 pictures with bibliographic information placed in line with their sentences.