Tech Lesson 3-3: Drawing Shapes in Open Office Presentation / PowerPoint

Demonstrates understanding of basic technology and telecommunication tools
Operates Basic technology tools and applications

CSTA Level I Standard 4: (3rd to 5th) Use general purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum.
CSTA Level I Standard 5: (3rd to 5th) Use technology tools for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create presentations, and publishing activities to create presentations for audiences inside and outside the classroom.

Basic Skills:

M3G1. Students will further develop their understanding of geometric figures by drawing them.  They will also state and explain their properties.
M3P1. Students will solve problems (using appropriate technology).
M3P3: Students will communicate mathematically
M3P5. Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.


Students will use a Drawing Program to create plane figures.
Students will identify line and fill as the properties of shapes.
Students will select different colors for line and fill
Students will use Text boxes to label shapes.
Students will create a graphic organizer with Open Office Presentation / PowerPoint featuring 4 basic shapes.

Printable Student Directions
1. Students draw 4 shapes in their notebooks.  Students label these shapes.
2. Start Open Office.  Select File->New->Presentation from the Menu Bar.
3. Click "Create"
4. Use the drawing tools to draw 4 shapes in a 2 by 2 array.
5. Format the Area of the shapes.  Use at least one color, one gradient, and one bitmap effect.
6. Use the Title Layout Function to create a Title.  Type "Firstname's Shapes" as the title.
7. Use the Slide Design or "Master Pages" to format the background.
8. Save the presentation as "Lastname Shapes" in student file area.



Pay Scale:

4 Shapes Drawn in Open Office
1 Dolphin Dollar
Format at least 1 shape with color
1 Dolphin Dollar
Format at least 1 shape with gradient
1 Dolphin Dollar
Format at least 1 shape with bitmap
1 Dolphin Dollar
Use Text labels for each shape and Title
1 Dolphin Dollar
Total Possible Pay for Project:
5 Dolphin Dollars