Tech Lesson 3-5: Presentation / PowerPoint (Graphic Organizer featuring Vertebrates and Invertebrates)

Demonstrates understanding of basic technology and telecommunication tools
Operates Basic technology tools and applications

CSTA Level I Standard 4: (3rd to 5th) Use general purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum.
CSTA Level I Standard 5: (3rd to 5th) Use technology tools for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create presentations, and publishing activities to create presentations for audiences inside and outside the classroom.

Basic Skills:

S5CS5 Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly.
S5L1 Students will classify organisms into groups and relate how they determine the groups with how scientists use classification.


Students will type in and manipulate text in Open Office Present Text Boxes
Students will Arrange graphics and text to highlight meanings of presentation.
Students will select Fonts and colors to identify two vertebrates and two invertebrates.
Students will select or draw images to reinforce their sentence types.
Students will create a graphic organizer with Open Office Present / PowerPoint featuring:
Two vertebrate animals (mammals, birds, reptiles, fish amphibians)
Two invertebrate animals (molusks, insects, . . . )

Process / Directions:

1. Use the following links to research two invertebrate and two vertebrate animals. (Animal Groups Vertebrate vs. Invertebrate)

Need to write following facts for each animal in their notebook.

2.  Start Open Office
3.  Select "File->New->Presentation" from menu bar.
4.  Select "Create."
5.  Select Layout "Title, Text, Graphic" from layout menu.
6.  Create 4 slides (one for each animal)  Use the 4 facts in the text area of the slide.
7.  Find pictures for each animal and insert them in the slides.
8.  Select a Slide Design ("Master Pages") for each slide.
9.  Save in student file area as "Lastname Animals."

Sample Slide

Assessment / Pay Scale:

1st Vertebrate Animal with Picture and Facts
1 Dolphin Dollar
2nd Vertebrate Animal with Picture and Facts
1 Dolphin Dollar
1st Invertebrate Animal with Picture and Facts
1 Dolphin Dollar
2nd Invertebrate Animal with Picture and Facts
1 Dolphin Dollar
Bibliographic Information
1 Dolphin Dollar
Total Possible Pay for Project:
5 Dolphin Dollars