Tech Lesson 05-3: Thanksgiving Acrostic Lesson Plan for 3rd Grade:

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An acrostic poem is a poem or series of lines, where the letters spell another word.

Websites for Thanksgiving Graphics:


Students will create an Acrostic Poem using a Word Processor.  
Students will use Bold, Italic, and Tabs to format their writing.
Students will Paint pictures in KPaint and transfer them to the Word Processor.  

1.  Students write down what they are thankful for as they come into class.
2.  Model an acrostic poem on the board demonstrating the format.

G - Giving me healthy food to eat.
R - Reading to me every night.
A - Always loving me.
T - Treating me sweetly.
I - I appreciate you!
T - Taking me on trips.
U - Understanding me when I'm upset.
D - Doing the right things.
E - Excellent parents.

3.  Choose a Thanksgiving related word:

Thank You

4.  Students write down the word in their notebooks down the left hand side.

5. Students create acrostic poem in their notebooks.

6. Go to computers - Start Open Office

7.  Start a blank Word Document:  File -> New -> Text Document

8. Type the poem into the text document.  Do not do formatting until all text is typed in.  Press enter after each sentence.

9.  Highlight and Bold the letters in the acrostic word.

10.  Use colors, Italics to decorate the text.

11.  Save the document in your file area as "Lastname Thanksgiving"
    File -> Save
    Double Click "NeboMusicWork"
    Double Click "3rd Grade"
    Double Click Your Teacher
    Double Click Your Name
    Type "Lastname Thanksgiving" in file name
    Click "Save"

12.  Use KPaint to Paint a Thanksgiving picture.

13.  Save the picture in your file area as "Lastname Thanks Pic"

14.  Go back to your Text Document and use "Insert -> Picture -> From File" to put your picture into your document.  Arrange and layout.  Save and Print.

15.  Options:  Put a Border around the poem.  Use drawing elements in Word to add graphics.

Sample Acrostic: (By Rebecca Michaud)