Tech Lesson 08-5:  Creating a Dance Animation with Scratch


Beethoven's 5th from Fantasia 2000

Bach's D minor Fastasia from Fantasia (1940)

Mr. Michaud's Example of Mozart's Eine Kliene 1st Movement

Student Animation Example

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Identify musical sections and form.
Create Scratch Motion Sequences using coordinate system.
Use distance and angles to create circular motion paths.
Create a Dance Animation to a musical selection's Form that uses different objects and methods to illustrate each musical section.
Define methods and coordinate with Broadcast or function calls to align with recorded music.

Project Requirements:
1.  Identify form of Musical Selection using letters.
2.  Create a dance animation with Scratch or Alice that has at least 2 objects and movement methods for the A and B sections.
3.  Import music sound file into scratch and use broadcast commands to coordinate movement scripts with music.

Project Extras:
1.  Use at least 4 sprites and movement methods for A,B,C, and D sections.
2.  Create changing backgrounds or stages.

Process:  (Student Directions)
1.  Play "March from Nutcracker" for students.  Teach basic dance:
A Section: Hold hand and march around
B Section: Double arm swing
C Section: Pat partners hands 8 times (high 5), Pat own lap 8 times.
D Section: Elbow swing in 8 counts.

2.  Listen to music again - have students write form:

3.  Demonstrate Scratch animation video.

4. Create Sprite in Scratch that glides across screen with A section of music.

5. Students create Sprites and Methods for A and B sections.

6. Students save work with "Lastname Dance Teachername"

Script Samples for Dancing:


Students create and save dance animation with at least 2 sprites and movement methods aligned with music

Students create and save dance animation with more that 2 sprites and backgrounds that align with music.