ICE Weekend Workshops
Tele-Operated Robotics
Saturday, March 30th, 2013


Tele-operated robots represent a growing field in technology and mechanics. Using remote control and video links, a robot operator can direct a robot to perform actions in dangerous or distant situations. Examples include:

The United States Air Force Drone Program:

da-Vinci Surgical Robot

Police and Personal Robots

Workplace Robots

In this workshop we will explore how to create robotic devices that react to commands broadcasted from an Android Phone.

There are five phases to this project:

Phase 1: Create or Load the Android NXT Controller App

Option 1: With your phone - go to this address:

This will install a pre-made NXT controller App onto your Android Phone.

Option 2: Write your own Controller App using App Inventor

Follow the below video instructions to create your own App Inventor Remote Control Program. When finished, download the App to your phone.

Phase 2: Pair your phone with the NXT Brick

Step 1: Make sure your NXT Brick has a unique name. Use the NXT-G program on your laptop to rename your NXT Brick if needed.

Renaming NXT Brick

Step 2: Turn on Your NXT Brick and make sure Bluetooth is on and set to "visible."

Step 3: On your Android Phone:

a. Go to Settings
b. Select Bluetooth Settings
c. Select Scan for devices
d. Select your NXT Brick by name from the list
e. Follow the Phone Prompts to establish the link
f. You will be prompted for the password on the Brick, just press the orange button.

Phase 3: Test the Remote and the Brick

Step 1: Wire the three motors to the Brick using the A, B, and C Ports as shown below:

Step 2: Start the NXT Controller App on your Phone.

Step 3: Press the "Connect" button on the Phone

Step 4: Select your NXT from the list

Step 5: Wait a short time. Then select the "3 Motor Controls" from Settings.

Step 6: Try the motors!

Phase 4: The Challenge!

Watch the Video below to discover the Mission for your Tele-Operated Robot!

TeleOp Mission 2013

Phase 5: Building!

Design a robot to complete this challenge. Your robot must use three motors and the remote control. You may use the parts in your kit and parts from the shared resource kit. Remember - simple is good! Here are some design suggestions:

Basic Tri-Bot

More Building Plans from

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