Scratch Zip Color Project

Process for Creating Zip Art Project:

1. Delete the Cat and Create a Dot Sprite.

2. Create a Variable Called "Edge."

3.  Assemble the "When Green Flag Clicked" starting scripts:

4.  Assemble a "pen down" along with a "reapet until."  This script makes the dot Sprite go to the mouse pointer and stop.

5.  Put the "pen down" repeat until block into the forever. 

6.  The next step is to have the Dot choose a new pen color and select a random edge.

7.   Put the "set pen color" and "set Edge" in the forever.

8.  To have the Dot go to the edge, use 4 "if" statements with randoms and "go to's."

9.  Put the "if" statements into the forever.  Add "When Space Key Pressed" and "Clear" blocks.

10.  Save and test your program.  Try different sprites or copy the "tracer" to get different designs!

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