Nebo Elementary's Robotics Team Presents:
The DolphinBots
FLL Team #3237

Our team has been in robotics for one year. Our team has participated in Gear and FLL. We've accomplished many things as a team and our knowledge has blossomed in the field of robotics. One thing we have accomplished is being in the top 9 teams to make it to Super Regionals. Another thing we have accomplished is being in the top 24 teams to make it to State Finals. Our team mottoes are “Think Positive” and “Simple is Good.”

We have two robots, there names are Beethoven and Mozart. We decided to name them after composers because are coach is a music teacher. The design of our robot is an adapted Castor Bot. On this design we also added a distance sensor to the side design of one of our robots.

We change our ways to conserve water by putting out buckets when it rains to wash our hands. One of our teammates actually put an empty water bottle in the pouring raining to drink rain water instead of getting more water from the fountain. And then she drank it and thought it was more pure than our regular water. How crazy is she? This impacts our planet because it helps save water. We know it is little, but everything counts.

Paulding County, Georgia is in a very bad situation right now. Our team has narrowed it down to three reasons why we are in this horrible situation. Our first one is that we have low water levels, our land is extremely dry, and we have high smog and carbon dioxide levels.

We also have problems too. One of them is that Paulding County, Georgia has one of the biggest droughts in Georgia's history. Also, the combustion of fossil fuels and pollution has increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We have found that this is a direct link to global warming. Third, we aren't getting that much rain in Georgia. And because our population has doubled, the pollution index has increased a great amount. These are a lot of problems in our climate in Georgia. Hopefully we can fix it soon.

We have come up with a great solution to our problems. We have designed a house with a ridge vent that takes moisture out of the air and pulls it into the attic area where our good friend, the dehumidifier is. The dehumidifier water will condense and it will go in a collection pipe into a holding tank underground.

The solar panels will power the dehumidifier to save energy. This water will be very helpful to us in many ways, for example, use in toilets, heating and cooling, and irrigation of the lawn. We have another solution. It reusing dirty water from kitchens, bathroom sinks, showers, and other sources that provide water. This water can also be used for irrigation of the lawn and use in toilets.