Directions for App Inventor
Baby Catch Project

1. Start App Inventor and Create a New Project. Name it Baby Catch. Drag a Canvas on the Screen1 and set the Width to "Fill parent" and the Height to "380 pixels."

2. Drag two ImageSprite objects onto the Canvas and name them Ball and Baby.

3. Set the Image for the Ball Sprite to a ball from a ball image.

4. Set the image of the Baby from the image collection and Add a Button. Name the Button Start.

5. Start the Blocks Editor. Add these scripts for the "Start.Click." This sets the location, direction and speed of the Ball Sprite.

6. Set the Scripts to allow the Ball to Collide with the Baby.

7. To Drag the Baby with your finger, set these scripts.

8. Download the App to your device or test on the emulator.

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