Directions for App Inventor
Drum Machine Project

1. Log into App Inventor and Create a New Project. Call it "Phone Drum."

2. Drag a Canvas Object onto the phone screen. The canvas object will hold all the "sprite" objects.

3. Set the Width of the Canvas to "Fill Parent"

4. Set the Height of the Canvas to 400 pixels.

5. Click on the "Animation" section of the Palette.

6. Drag an "ImageSprite" onto the Canvas.

7. Rename the "ImageSprite" to "DrumSprite."

8. You will need to upload a picture of a drum. Go to "Picture" and click "Add."

9. Click "Choose" and Navigate to where the images are stored on your computer and select a drum picture. Then Click "OK."

10. Drag a second ImageSprite onto the canvas. Repeat the process to remame the image and select a picture.

11. Click the Media section of the Palette.

12. Drag two "Sound" icons to the Canvas. Use the file choosing process to select two different sounds. Name the Sounds in the component section.

13. Select the "DrumBuzz.wav" for the DrumSound.

14. Select "Zoop.wav" (or any other sound) with for the Zoop.

15. Click on Sensors and add an AccelerometerSensor object.

16. Start the Blocks Editor. You will need to wait several minutes while the Java Applet loads and starts. When the Blocks Editor Starts, click on the DrumSprite and note the blocks.

17. Drag a "DrumSprite.Touched" to the Script Area.

18. Click on the "DrumSound" block and drag a "DrumSound.Play" block to the script area.

19. Put the "DrumSound.Play" into the DrumSprite.Touched block.

20. Repeat the process for the Cymbals.Touched block.

21. Drag an AccelerometerSensor1.Shaking Block out and put a Zoop.Play Block inside.

22. Start the Emulator or Plug in the Android Device. Use the Connect Button to select the device and test your program.

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