Basic Three Motor Tri-Bot Design
with Sensors
Building Instructions

Finished Robot

Assembling the Base:

1.  2x 9-holed beams and 8 double pins

2. Assemble

3. Add beams to two motors.

4.  Connect 3rd motor between out two motors.

5.  11 holed beam and 4 double pins.

6.  Assemble.

7.   Add to back of 3 motor base.

Assembling the Rear Wheels

8.  1 Black bracket and two blue pins

9.  Assemble

10.  Grey cross brace, yellow thin hub, grey wide hub, and grey 5 long rod.

11.  Assemble.

12.  Add one grey hub.

13.  Assemble.

14.  Two small wheels, 3 long grey rod.

15. Assemble.

16.  Pin rear wheels to Base in back.

Assembling the Brick Holders

17.   Two grey long curved brackets, 4 double pins, 4 blue pins.

18.  Assemble.

19.  Add to Base in front.

Assembling the Drive Wheels

20.  Two tires, two wheels, 2 black rods, 4 grey hubs.

21.  Assemble.

22.  Push rods through wheels.  Add grey hub on either side of wheel.

23.  Put drive wheels onto motors on Base.

Adding the Brick

24.  Pin Brick to robot Base.

25.  Side view.

Adding the Light Sensor

26.  One large L bracket, 4 double pins, and 1 Light Sensor

27.  Place pins.

28.  Add Light Sensor.

29.  Place on middle motor of Robot.

30. One large L bracket, 2 double pins.

31. Place pins. One Touch sensor, one red short rod, one small gear.

32. Assemble.

33. Add to Light Sensor assembly on robot.

34. Adding the Ultrasonic Sensor. One large L bracket, two triple pins, two double pins.

35. Assemble.

36. One 13 hole beam.

37. Assemble.

38. One Ultrasonic Sensor, two double pins.

39. Assemble.

40. Add to side of Robot.

41. Wire Back and Front of Robot:
Wire back of Robot:
B Port = Right Motor
C Port = Left Motor
A Port = Center Motor

Front of Robot:
1 Port = Touch Sensor
3 Port = Light Sensor
4 Port = Ultrasonic Sensor

42. View of Claw attachment.