Emotion Face Scratch Scripts

Download Original Scratch File

Emotion Picture Chart (notice position and shape of eyes, eyebrows, and mouth)

Eye Samples - the expression, "life," and "soul" of a character resides in the eyes!


1. Start Scratch and Create the following Sprites:

a. Left Eye

b. Right Eye (Copy and mirror Left Eye)
c. Nose
d. Mouth

e. Left Eyebrow
f. Right Eyebrow

2. Create the following variables: (Double Click to select "slider" function after creating variables.

3. The angle of the eyebrows drives the sense of emotion in the character. Create the following scripts to adjust the angle of the eyebrows with the variable slider.

4. Use these scripts for the Left and Right Eyes.

5. Use these scripts for the mouth.

6. Experiment with the sliders to create different emotion expressions.

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