Georg Friedrich Handel

Born: February 23rd, 1685
Died April 14th, 1759


Georg Friedrich Handel was was a German composer who did most of his work in England during the early 1700's.  Handel wrote Operas, instrumental music, and oratorios.  Mr. Handel was born in Halle Germany and began his career as a violinist and composer in Hamburg.  Later, Handel lived in Itally where he learned the Italian Opera style.  Handel spent most of his working life in England where he was very popular as an Opera composer.  Musical tastes in England changed and Handel shifted his focus from Opera to instrumental music and Oratorios.  Towards the end of his life he became blind.

Handel's well know music today includes the Royal Fireworks Music composed in 1749 and the Messiah composed in 1741.  Handel became blind later in life.

Listening Example: Overture from Fireworks Music
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By: Mr. Michaud
Mr. Michaud's Music Class
January 2008