Exercise 3:  Creating a Web Page with inserted pictures:

Web pages handle pictures and graphics different that Word or PowerPoint.  In Word and PowerPoint the picture file is embedded with the text and other content of the main file. 

However, with HTML and web pages, the pictures are stored as seperate files and the web page uses links to bring the pictures up and display them when a page is viewed. 

Web pages by default will look in the same directory that they are stored in.  Thus, the location of picture files is vital for the proper function of the web page. 

Suggestions on handling pictures:

1. I always make a make a copy of the picture file and store it in the same directory as the web page I am creating.

2.  Picture files direct from the camera are far too large for displaying on the web.  They will slow down the loading of the page and possibly lock up the user's computer if the files take up too much memory.  Thus, I always reduce the file size of the picture to less than 50 K.  Use Microsoft Photo editor to reduce the file size.

Step 1:  Move picture file to "Web Pages" folder

1.  Open your Picture folder and select 1 picture.
2.  Open your picture with Microsoft Picture editor.
3.  Reduce the size of the picture to 25%
4.  Save smaller picture file into your "Web Pages" folder.

Step 2:  Creating the Picture Page

1.  Open a blank Mozilla Composer Page.
2.  Save Page as "lastnameexercise3"  

Before adding pictures you must save the web page file.  If you add pictures and then save the links might not work properly.

3.  Type in the following Text:

We now are adding pictures to our web page!

4.  Select "Insert-Image" from the menu bar.

5.  Select "Choose File" and navigate to your Web Pages folder.

6.  Select the picture you wish to insert.   Click "Open"

7.  Check the "Don't Use Alternate Text" box.

8.  Click "OK"
9.  Your picture should now be on your page.

10.  You are done!  Select "File->Save" to save your page.
11.  Open your web page with Internet Explorer to check your work!

Now on to the the final assignment!!! 

Create a website that features our classrooms with at least 4 pages with text, graphics, and hyperlinks.
  • Welcome page (index.html)
  • Centers (centers.html)
  • Student Work (studentwork.html)
  • Current Events (currentevents.html)

Publish this website to the Internet.

Detailed Final Assignment Instructions!