Exercise 1:  Creating Your First Web Page with Microsoft Frontpage:

1. Double Click "Frontpage" Icon:


2. Select "File-New-Page or Web" from the Menu Bar

3.  Select "Blank Page."

4. You will see a window that looks like a word processer.

5. Type the following in the text field:

Greetings and Welcome to My First Web Page!

6.  Select "File-Save"

7.  Navigate to to your "Lastname Tech 2 Training 2007" folder and open the "Web Pages" Folder

8.  Type: 'lastnameexercise1" at the File Name Prompt:

9.  Click "Save"

Testing Your First Web Page:

After you save your page, you will want to open it with Internet Explorer to test how it will look.  Sometimes the layout of your page may change slightly from one browser program to the next.  Thus, I will double check the look of the page using several different browsers (Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari) to test the page.

1. Open Internet Explorer
2.  Type "My Computer" in the url line.
3.  Navigate to your "Lastname Tech 2 Training 2007" folder.
4.  Double click your "Web Pages" Folder
5.  Double click "lastnameexercise1.html"
6.  You should now see your page:

You are done!

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