Exercise 2:  Create a Web Page with Different Formats of Text and Hyperlinks:

1. Select "File-New-Page or Web" from the Menu Bar.

2.  Type the following in the text field:


I will now make a web page with formatted text!

This is Big Type.
This is Small Type.

Green Text.
Centerd Text.

My Favorite Website:
Nebo Music

3.  Make "Greetings" Bold
a.  Highlight "Greetings"
b.  Click on the "B" Icon

4.  Make larger font size text.
a.  Highlight "This is Big Type"
b.  Left click the "Text Larger" Icon 3 times.

5.  Make smaller font text:
a.  Highlight "This is Small Type"
b.  Click the "Text Smaller" Icon 3 times.

6.  Make "Green Text" green color.
a.  Highlight "Green Text"
b.  Click the "Text Color" icon and select green.

7.  Almost Done!  Create Hyperlink for "Nebo Music"
a.  Highlight "Nebo Music"
b.  Right Click "Nebo Music"
c.  Select "Hyperlink"

d.  Type: "http://www.nebomusic.net" in the text box and click "OK"

8.  Your finished page should look like this:

9.  Save your page as "lastnameexercise2"
10.  Open you page in Internet Explorer and test the hyperlink by clicking on it.  It should take you to the Nebo Music Homepage.

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