Exercise 2: Making a Weather Graph in Excel

Objective:  Create two graphs about high temperature and weather.  Enter the date, high temperture, and weather.  Use Excel to make a visual graph of temperature.


1.  Open Internet Explorer and go to www.weather.com.  Select a zip code or city and call up the ten day forcast.

2.  Resize the 10 day forcast window to the upper right side of your screen so you can see at least 5 days of forcast.

3.  Open Excel and resize to the lower left corner of your screen.

4.  Enter the following lables into your spreadsheet:

Cell A1: City
Cell A3: Day:
Cell B3: Date:
Cell C3: High
Cell D3: Sunny
Cell E3: Cloudy
Cell F3: Rain
Cell G3: Snow
Cell H3: Storms

Your page should look like this:

5.  In cell B1, enter the name of your city.  My example will be "Fairbanks, Alaska"

6.  Make the lables Bold.
a. Highlight cell A1 (Left Click on cell once.)

b. Left Click the "B" icon to make A1 Bold

c. Highlight Day, Date, High, Sunny, Cloudy, Rain, Snow, Storms (Left Click and Swipe)
d. Click "B" icon to make these bold.

7.  Enter your days underneath the "Day" label.
8.  Enter your dates underneath the "Date" label.
9.  Type in the high temperatures for the days in the "High" column.
10. For the weather - enter a "1" under the weather for each day. Your chart should look something like this:

11. Now it is time to make some charts!  Highlight (Left click and drag) Cells A3 to C8:

12.  Select "Insert-Chart" from the menu bar

13.  Select "Clustered 3D" and click "Next"

14.  Click "Next" again.

15. Type "High Temperature" in "Chart title:" box and "Degrees F" in Value (Y) axis box. Click "Next"

16. Click "Finish"

17. You now have a chart in your graph:

18. Select "File-Save" and save your work as "lastname excel exercise 2" in your "Excel" folder.