Exercise 3: Creating a simple Checkbook register

Objective: Create a simple checkbook register that automatically calculates the amount remaining in your checking account.  This spreadsheet will also format for currency and use red text for negative numbers.


1.  Open Excel and select "File-New" to create a new blank spreadsheet.

2. Enter for following Labels into the cells according to the example:  (Use your last name.)

3.  Make all the labels bold by selecting and clicking the "B" icon.
4. Enter some deposits, withdrawels, and checks into your register.

5.  We will now have the Register keep track of your balance.  Click once in Cell C3. Type the following:


Press enter.  Your balance should appear.

6.  Make another checkbook entry.  You will notice that the balance number will change once you press "Enter"

7.  We will now format our currency column for money.  Left Click the "C" on the top of the column to select the entire column.  Then Right Click over C and select "Format Cells."

8.   Format the numbers for currency:
a.  Click the "Number" tab
b.  Select "Currency"
c.  Select the "(1234.10)" from the negative numbers field.
d. Click "OK"

9.  Now your Register shows currency format and negative numbers as red. 

10.  Select "File-Save" and save your work as "lastname Excel Exercise 3" in your excel folder.