Frontpage Exercises:

1. Create a page with a 1 row, 3 column table to hold three pictures of graphics.
2. Use a template to create a webpage using tables to organize the Title, Links, and Content.

Main Concepts for Tables and Frontpage:

Tables are used to organize and arrange data on the web page.  Tables hold text and graphics in position. 

In Word and Powerpoint the pictures can be placed anywhere on the page and the program will remember where the pictures are located.  This is like nailing your pictures anyplace on the wall of your house.

In web pages pictures and text must be placed in tables to guarantee the placement on the page.  Think of the table as a set of shelves you put up in front of your wall where you will place your pictures and text.

Table Vocabulary:
Exercise 1: Create a web page with a 1 row, 3 column table to hold three pictures or graphics.

Preparation:  You will need three picture files for this exercise.  These files should be less then 100K in size and be located in your "Web Pages" folder in your "Lastname Tech 3" folder on your home directory.

1.  Open Frontpage and select "File-New Page or Web" and select blank page.
2.  Select "File-Save" and save your page in your Web Pages Folder as "lastnametables1.htm"
3.  Type the following in your page:

Greetings!  This is my first web page that uses tables!

4.  Select "Insert-Table" from the menu bar.

5.  Select 1 row and 3 columns.

6.  Click "OK"
7.  Your table will now appear in the center of the page.  Note the three cells.
8.  Left click in the cell on the left side of the table.  Select "Insert-Picture" from the menu bar.  Select one of your pictures and click "OK" to put it into the cell.

9.  Notice that my picture is very large.  You can resize the picture using the "Stretch Points" at the corners.  If needed, resize your picture.

9.  Repeat the process for the 2nd and 3rd cell.  Your page should look like this:  (Note that I resized the pictures and the table.)

10.  Select "File-Save" and save your work. 

Click here for Exercise 2: Creating a webpage using a tables template.