Directions for 5th Grade Plant and Animal Cell Simulation Project:

Basic Skills:

Students will diagram and label parts of various cells (plant, animal, single-celled, multi-celled)
Students will use ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters.


1. Make a list of the following cell organelles in your notebook:

Cell Membrane

(Option:  Print the following Worksheet and Label)

2. Go to one or more of the following websites to read about plant and animal cells.

Cell Movie and Quiz:

Cell Game:
Cell Game

Parts of Animal Cells:

Plant Cells:

3. Make a list of the parts of a plant and animal cell.  You should have two lists, one for plant cells and one for animal cells. 

4. Make a two drawings in your MusicTech notebook.  One for a plant cell and one for an animal cell.  Include the parts and label them.

5.  We will use these drawings to create Scratch Animation projects.  If you know how to do Scratch, start a Scratch project and begin creating Sprites for each cell part. 

Standards for Scratch Cell Simulation Project:

1.  Display an animated animal or plant Cell showing the interaction between the parts of the cell.
2.  When a part of the cell is clicked - it "says" its function for 3 seconds.
3.  Extra Credit: Clicking a button will change the animal cell to a plant cell and show the different parts.

Sample Scripts:

Animated Cell Membrane:

Moving and Bouncing off of Cell Membrane (Touching Sprite or Touching Color Black):

Question and Answer Script: