Music Tech Lesson Plans

Technology Lesson 01: File Management

Technology Lesson 02: All About Me

Tech Lesson 02a: Pledge of Allegiance Project

Tech Lesson 02b: The Preamble Project

Technology Lesson 03-3: Shape Drawing
Technology Lesson 03-4: Sentence Types or Simple Machines
Technology Lesson 03a-4: Food Web
Technology Lesson 03-5: Animal Classification

Tech Lesson 04-3:  Counting and Graphing Jelly Beans: Using a Spreadsheet Program
Tech Lesson 04-4:  Check Book Project: Using a Spreadsheet
Tech Lesson 04-5:  I Ate What?? Using a Spreadsheet program

Tech Lesson 05-3: Writing an Acrostic Poem with Text Editor
Tech Lesson 05-4: Research Practice: Native Americans
Tech Lesson 05-5: Animal and Plant Cell Simulation Project (Scratch)

Tech Lesson 06-3: Note Value PPT (Quarters, Halves, Whole)
Tech Lesson 06-4: Note Value PPT (Quarters, Eights, Halves, Dotted Halve.)
Tech Lesson 06-5: Note Value PPT (Quarters, Eights, Sixteenth, halve - compose Rhythm)

Tech Lesson 07-3: Seuss Alphabet Multimedia Project

Tech Lesson 07-4: Planet Graphic Organizer with PPT
Tech Lesson 07-4a: Orbit Simulation with Scratch
Tech Lesson 07-5: Molecule Simulator with Scratch

Tech Lesson 08-3: Holiday Card or Drawing with PPT
Tech Lesson 08-4: Holiday Card with Scratch and Music
Tech Lesson 08-5: Creating a Dance Animation with Scratch

Tech Lesson 09-3:  I Can See My House From Here!  Using Google Maps and PPT
Tech Lesson 09-4:  Instrument Families Project: PPT or Webpage
Tech Lesson 09-4a: Making a Timeline Using a Spreadsheet
Tech Lesson 09-5a: Animation of a Musical Selection
Tech Lesson 09-5b: Composer Project: Webpage

Tech Lesson 10: Setting Math Story Problems to a Spreadsheet

Tech Lesson 10-3:  Posters and Invitations: Come to My Birthday Party!
Tech Lesson 10-4:  Pitch, Amplitude, and Waves with Audacity
Tech Lesson 10-5:  Polygon Program with Scratch

Tech Lesson 11-3:  Perimeter and Area Machine with Spreadsheet
Tech Lesson 11-4:  Perimenter, Area, and Volume Machine with Spreadsheet
Tech Lesson 11-5:  Drawing Shapes with Python and Turtle - Basic Python Programming

Tech Lesson 11-5a: Electricity and Circuits

Tech Lesson 12-3:  Pitch Patterns and Notation. 
Tech Lesson 12-4:  Pitch Letter Names and Virtual Xylophone
Tech Lesson 12-5:  Pitch Letter Names and Virtual Piano

Tech Lesson 13-3:  Composing Pitch Patterns
Tech Lesson 13-4:  Creating a Virtual Xylophone
Tech Lesson 13-5a:  Creating a Virtual Instrument

Tech Lesson 13-5b:  Using JES to program melodic patterns

Tech Lesson 14-3:  Introduction to Scratch - the Chasing / Eating Game
Tech Lesson 14-4:  Scratch Shape Drawing - Polygon Program
Tech Lesson 14-5:  Pre-Robotics with Scratch - Following a Line or Maze

Tech Lesson 15-3:  Scratch - Pong Game
Tech Lesson 15-4:  Pre Robotics:  Search and Rescue with Scratch
Tech Lesson 15-5:  Pre Robotics:  Search and Rescue with Scratch

Tech Lesson 16-3: Using OpenOffice Text and Graphics

Tech Lesson 17-3:  Scratch - Animation and Red Light - Green Light

Tech Lesson 18:  Robotics:  Moving Around!

Tech Lesson 19:  Robotics:  Navigating a maze and Search and Rescue

Tech Lesson 20:  Robotics:  Go and Get

Tech Lessson 21:  Robotics:  Using Sensors

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