Technology Resources for Marist School

Introduction To Robotics and Engineering:

Binary Numbers
Binary Number Systems and Digital Logic

Digital Logic
Latches, Flip-Flops, Counters, and Memory

Electricity Resources
Electricity Lessons

Arduino Resources
Arduino Lessons: LED
Arduino Lessons: Creating LED Functions
Arduino Lessons: Sound
Arduino Lessons: Servos
Arduino Lessons: Sensors
Arduino Lessons: Ultrasonic Sensor
Arduino Lessons: VEX and Arduino Communication
Arduino Final Project Description

RobotC Lessons
RobotC Lessons

Integrating Computer Applications (ICA):

OneNote Lessons and SkyDrive Setup
OneNote and SkyDrive Setup Lessons

Photoshop Resources
Photoshop Video Lessons
Marist Style Sheet

Graphic Design
Principles of Design: CARP

SketchUp Lessons
SketchUp Video Lessons
SketchUp Written Lesson 01
SketchUp Written Lesson 02
SketchUp Written Lesson 03

Scratch Programming Resources
Scratch Lessons: Animation
Scratch Examples and Instructions
Scratch Website at MIT
Scratch Drum Machine Video Lesson
Scratch Xylophone Video Lesson

EarSketch Lessons
EarSketch Programming Lessons
EarSketch Lessons and Reference at Georgia Institute of Technology
EarSketch Website

App Inventor Lessons
App Inventor Lessons
App Inventor Website

Google Site Lessins
Google Sites Video Lessons

Dreamweaver Lessons
Dreamweaver Video Lessons

Excel Lessons
Excel Lessons

Python Formula Lessons
Python Formula Lessons

Audacity Resources
Exporting a .wav file in Audacity

Teacher Training:

Teacher Training Resources
Teacher Training Documents
Setting Up Shared Folders for Teachers with SkyDrive

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