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Technology Challenge Study Guide

Parts of the Computer

Input: (Human user puts information into the computer)

Processing: (Computer manipulates and processes data)
RAM - Random Access Memory
CPU - Central Processing unit
ROM - Read Only Memory
Hard Drive - Storage
Thumb Drive, Floppy Drive - Portable Storage
Video Card - process graphics

Output: (Computer gives information back to the human)

Hard Disk - Writable storage (40 to 500 GB)
Thumb Drive / USB Drive - Writable storage  (1 to 8 GB)
Floppy Disk (About 1.4 MB)
CD-ROM - Compact Disk Read Only Memory  (About 700 MB)
DVD-ROM - Like a CD ROM but holds more information (About 4 Gigabytes)
CD-RW - Writable CD
DVD-RW - Writable DVD

Computer Communication with other computers:

Ethernet - Way for computers to share data and communicate

Cat-5 = Type of cable used with Ethernet

Router: Used to direct IP traffic

IP = Internet Protocal

IP Address: Internet Protocal Address ( (

WI-FI = wireless radio communication using wireless router.

USB = Universal Serial Bus.  Way for hardware to communicate with computer.

Modem: Older way for computers to communicate using phone lines.

Editing Functions:

Copy  (Control - C)
Cut  (Control - X)
Paste (Control - V)

Text Editing Functions:

Bold (Control - B)
Italic (Control - I)
Underline (Control - U)

Internet Domains:
.com - Commercial
.net - Network
.edu - Education (Schools, Colleges, and Universities)
.gov - Government

Internet Terms:

URL:  Uniform Resource Locater
HTTP:  Hypertext Transfer Protocal
HTTPS: Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocal
HTML: Hypertext Markup Language

File types: see

History of Computers:
ENIAC: early computer from 1940's - programmed with knobs and switches. Used for military.
IBM - first programmable computers in 1960's. Used in business
IBM Personal Computer - around 1980
MAC (Apple) 1984

DOS - Disk Operating System (Very old Operating system for computers)
GUI - Graphical User Interface (Windows - what we use today.)

Computer Security Threats:

Virus - Program that infects and damages computer data.
Worms - Programs that "crawl" through the internet and infect machines.
Trojans -  Programs that users download by accident - thinking they are something else (like Trojan Horse)
Phishing - bad websites that disguise themselves as good websites.  Tries to trick users.

Windows Microsoft Office Programs:
Word - Used for Text editing, writing papers, letters, documents (.doc)
Spreadsheet - Used to manipulate numbers and lists. Make charts and graphs. (.xls)
PowerPoint - Used to make presentations for screens (.ppt)
Frontpage - used to make websites and webpages (.html)

File Size:
1 Bit = Smallest peice of information - a 0 or a 1 (bit)
1 Byte = 8 Bits (B)
1 Kilobyte = 1000 Bytes (KB)
1 MegaByte (MB) = 1,000,000 Bytes  (MB)
1 GigaByte (GB) = 1,000,000,000 Bytes
1 TeraByte = 1,000,000,000,000 Bytes (TB)

Safe Internet Usage:
Never open emails and download attachments from people you don't know.
Never give out personal information (First and Last names, address) over the internet.
Do not install software from strangers. 
Do not download videos and music illegally. 

Email Mr. Michaud

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